When you love physics and have studied it extensively, you tend to see everything in the world it terms of energy and motion. I want to use bicycles as my example today because they are so adept at using kinetic energy. What a marvelous, efficient machine. If you don’t know much about physics, let me explain a few basic concepts. In physics, if you are talking about the kinetic energy of an object, you are referring to the energy it possess when in motion. In other words, it is the work needed to accelerate an object of a particular mass from its state of rest to its eventual velocity. Energy comes from acceleration, and the object in question such as a bike maintains kinetic energy unless its speed changes, say slowing down. Deceleration is the opposite of acceleration and refers to the amount of work done by the bike in changing the current speed to what is called a state of rest.

Whether you find this fascinating or not, it interests me. Perhaps you would rather talk about your last jaunt on your bike to explore the countryside or brag about the fabulous road bike you bought for under $1,000. Even though all bikes operate the same way from the perspective of physics, some are beautifully made and perform according to a higher standard. I can certainly identify with this and understand the need to have a pricey bike to satisfy your transportation needs.

I, too, could sing the praises of a bike. It is surely an artfully-designed object that is pure poetry in motion. You whiz along the highway, exploring the nooks and crannies of your neighborhood. You can pack a lunch and store it easily on the bike for later consumption. If you watch bike races, you get the physics part even better. Bike rides are central to some family life and it is a wonderful way to bond with your kids or build camaraderie with friends and colleagues. If you haven’t indulged, now is the time to consider getting into regular bike riding. After a while you will get to know the type you want down the road for your ultimate purchase. There is the fun of selecting the model, the design, and the coordinated colors. The seat has to be well made and comfortable. You want your bike to look as good as it functions. There is no shame in showing off a little to the world. While there are thousands of bikers in your town alone, not every bike is equal. Some are visually exciting while they also take you on an energetic foray anywhere you want to go. Get on the Internet and compare brands and models. You will enter a whole new world that will grab your attention like a magnet. Every day a new bicycle aficionado is born. Embrace the kinetic energy and delve into riding at a whole new level.